• Great work is achieved everytime it’s not aimed for
  • Experience is driven by observation
  • Tuned to vocabulary of ideas
  • What eyes see is what one dreams

Every time you shut your eyes it is not important that you dream it. But, every time you open your eyes it is important that you can see it. INK is that power I wanted to give my eyes. It was a dream that I wanted to see as a reality every time I opened my eyes. Today it is a reality that encompasses words that is inspired from experience, driven by observation, formed by deep insight and meant for expression.

An entrepreneur with masters in marketing I work on an experience gained over the years with working for reputed companies dealing in industries ranging from financial services, advertising to academics. But, creative ideation and content development for marketing communication tools have always been my forte and area of expertise. And, infusing my knowledge of market dynamics with flair of communicating through effective words is what INK as a writing boutique provides.

Designations donned:

  • Portfolio Management-Indiabulls Securities
  • Marketing Lecturer- SJPI Institute Of Management
  • Creative Administrator-INIT Design Studio
  • Freelance Writer- Corporates & Publications
  • Creative Writing (Owner)-INK


Meghna Kothari

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